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WSW Presents: Spring AIE Student Showcase, Creating Self and Place
2015/04/01 >> Hands-On Art: Creating Self and Place >> Images

18th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser
2015/01/13 >> WSW’s 18th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser

WSW Presents: “Hands-on Art”: Pulled, Printed and Pressed AIE Student Showcase
2014/11/25 >> “Hands-on Art”: Pulled, Printed and Pressed  >> Images

WSW Presents: The Would/Lands, a Public Art Installation by Pat Oleszko
2014/09/15 >> The Would/Lands: Public art installation opens along the Rail Trail >> Images

Women’s Studio Workshop’s 40th Anniversary Gala
2014/08/21 >> WSW Celebrates its 40th Anniversary Gala Honoring Richard Frumess and Zarina

WSW Hires Lauren Walling as Deputy Executive Director
2014/08/11 >> New hire is pivotal to WSW’s first succession in 40-year history

WSW Presents: “It’s a Big World in There” at C H R C H Project Space
2014/7/10 >> An experimental, collaborative installation/exhibition between sculptor Kate Hamilton, stop-motion video artist Tona Wilson, and composer Jonathan Elliott >> Images

“Hands-on Art”: Young Artists Take Over Crown Street
2014/03/11 >> Art Opening, Women’s Studio Workshop Art in Education Program  >> Images

Art And Feminism Wikipedia Editathon
2014/02/01 >> Join WSW in a nation-wide effort to record the achievements of both historic and contemporary women artists. Coffee will be served!

17th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser
2014/02/22 >> Everything you need to know about the 2014 Chili Bowl Fiesta is in this press release! >> Images from last year’s Fiesta

WSW’s Roos Arts Exhibition “Potluck”
2014/02/22 >> The Women’s Studio Workshop is pleased to announce the Roos Arts ceramics exhibition, which will be on exhibit in conjunction with its 17th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser!

Library of Congress Acquires WSW’s Entire Handmade Book Collection
2013/03/25  >> Library of Congress adds over 200 artists’ books created at WSW to its holdings

Mother’s Day Weekend Papermaking Workshop
2013/05/06  >> Wild Earth and Women’s Studio Workshop invite women and children to take part in an afternoon of papermaking

WSW Receives Funding For Summer Class Scholarships
2013/04/24  >> With the help of a generous donation from Ulster Savings Bank, WSW will support artists with financial need this year.

Dyson Foundation Supports Women’s Studio Workshop in Professional Outreach
2013/03/20  >> The Dyson Foundation has awarded Women’s Studio Workshop grant funds of $5,500 to support their participation in two professional conferences this winter.

WSW Presents: “Living Off The Land” At The C H R C H Project Space
2013/6/03  >> A performative potluck meal accompanied by videos of garlic mustard foraging and preparation by WSW artist-in-residence Sonja Hinrichsen.

WSW Presents: Alice Miceli At The C H R C H Project Space
2013/3/11  >>A video-projection exhibition and artist’s talk by Alice Miceli  >> Images

Hands-On-Art with Kingston City Schools
2013/3/11  >> 5th & 8th Graders come to work in WSW’s studios.  >> Images

2013/2/6  >> Exhibition at Roos Arts-
Our Backyard: Artists Consider the Environment. Deadline 4/1/13

16th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta
2013/2/23  >> Press release  >> Images

Bowls on Main Street Exhibition
2013/2/22  >> Press release    >> Images

5TH Annual WSW Gala Honoring Gillian Jagger & Patricia Gould-Peck
2012/11/4  >> Press release


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