New artists’ books from WSW

Since 1974, Women’s Studio Workshop has provided more than 200 artists, both emerging and established, with studio facilities and technical expertise to produce handmade, limited edition artists’ books. Currently, the publishing program at WSW adds three to five new artists’ books each year. WSW’s artists’ books are held in over 300 collections world-wide, and nine repository institutions which hold the majority of WSW’s artists’ book collection. 

The Map of Neighboring Bodies

by Veronica Graham

The Map of Neighboring Bodies is a book of invented iconography related to bodies of water. The artist plays with the definition of territory by breaking down boundaries across an open sea and systematically rebuilding them with pictograms. The result is a reflection on the utility of maps as fictional devices and our longstanding need to create boundaries in order to make sense of the world around us. Designed to be cyclical, the book connects along a seamless path that wraps horizontally around the entire book. A key is provided on the front side to help the reader decipher the environments. Silkscreen printed, accordion bound in hard covers. 17 cm x 14.6 cm x 2.54 cm, 35 pages. Edition 65, 2017. $295


On the Other Side

by Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith

On the Other Side is a collaborative work between French artist Claire Fouquet and American book artist Patty Smith that addresses issues of emigration. The concept originated as a response to the fences built by the United States to keep out illegal immigrants and by the French government’s policy on immigration. The book is a two-sided accordion, listing the fears an emigrant might experience on the recto side and potential advantages, opportunities, and joys of migration. The cut windows entice the viewer to turn the concertina inside out. Silkscreen and letterpress printed, with die cut windows and accordion binding. 4 ” x 5 1/2 “, 24 pages. Edition 50, 2016. $295


The Tang of Height

by Phyllida Bluemel

The Tang of Height was inspired by Phyllida’s discovery of recurring appearance of box kites in the biographies of nineteenth-century scholars. Taking that shape as a metaphor for philosophical method and 20th century thinking, the artist ties together the lives of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Alexander Graham Bell, and Nan Shepherd through archival fragments – images and ideas that resonate. These details connect across disciplines, flickering between the abstract and the particular; the philosophical and the personal – a poetry of facts. The screen-printed illustrations, as inserts, float freely of the text and reveal non-linguistic connections between the stories. The Tang of Height is Coptic bound, with a wraparound board cover. 8″ x 7 3/4″, 80 pages. Edition 49, 2016. $350


Unfolding Practice: Reflections on Teaching and Learning

by Arzu Mistry

Unfolding Practice: Reflections on Learning and Teaching is a conversation between two artist-educators. Flowing across five chapters, the double sided accordion book has been curated from ten years of recorded conversations, field notes, planning, sketches, reflection, and teaching. The front of the book weaves text, illustration, cutouts, and screen prints, journeying through artistic process and educational practice. The back of the book is a guide, expanding on the practice of using accordion books as a tool for capturing, visualizing, and building upon reflective thinking. The brown paper alludes to the craft paper that is ubiquitous in schools and captures process more than the preciousness of a final product. Throw out accordion in hard covers. 7 7/8″ x 5 1/4″ x 3/4″, 56 pages. Edition 60, 2016. $400


The City Within

by Natalie Draz

The City Within is a kinetic bookwork exploring cartography and fantastical anatomy. Juxtaposing bird’s eye maps and hand-drawn street-level maps with a ribcage of text centered around Montreal’s downtown core, The City Within overlays the heart of a city with the interior body of a city dweller. Both a bookwork and a sculptural object, this multi-layered book is able to be read and explored through many pathways. Using metaphoric imagery and a transforming book structure as an open-ended narrative, Natalie Draz combines traditional print media of intaglio and screenprinting with flag, tunnel book and pop-up structures. Housed in a wooden box. 8 1/2” x 14”, 34 pages. Edition 50, 2016. $1100

DSC_2016Feminist Ships

by Megan Piontkowski

Feminist Ships, at its core, is a history lesson, celebrating the life and achievements of women on the water. On colorful pages mirroring the color palette of nautical signal flags, this book describes seven ships throughout history and the women who sailed them. The accordion bound book is cased in a navy blue hardcover which was lightly sanded to give the allusion of being touched by the salty air of the sea. The linework of each ship is a perfect blend of fine art and the artist’s own illustrative style. Silkscreen printed. Accordion bound in hard covers. 9 3/8″ x 9 3/8″, 12 pages. Edition 50, 2016. $550

Buddha's Tears_1

Buddha’s Tears

by Wei Jane Chir

Buddha’s Tears exposes the hidden story of organ harvesting in China from prisoners of conscience, such as Falun Gong practitioners. Statistical information is juxtaposed with poetic rendering of a legend of a statue of Buddha, who weeps in times of crisis. Each page is filled with dates, graphs, maps, drawings and stories, concluding with a sutured image of China, a symbol of healing. The accordion pages unravel to form a long scroll, a traditional form of storytelling to lay out the facts of China’s cruelty. Silkscreen, letterpress and digitally printed. Accordion bound in hard covers. 20.75 x 46.5 cm, 13 pages. Edition 50, 2015. $1,000


The Golden Rule

by Ann Kalmbach and Tatana Kellner

The Golden Rule is about the basic tenets phrases of various cultures and religions that in the non-sectarian world are equivalent to the ‘The Golden Rule’. This book looks at 13 golden rule texts. Upon opening the book, the reader is confronted with a blind embossing of the text in one of the original languages, followed by handwritten, slowly dissolving translation. Only after leafing through to the next page is one able to read the dictum. This is contrasted with newspaper clippings of petite crime and punishment. Silkscreen, letterpress and digitally printed. Codex case bound. 8″ x 6 3/4″, 124 pages. Edition 45, 2015. $500

"Nights, the Cosmos, and I"

Nights, the Cosmos, and I

by Natalia Zapella

Nights, the Cosmos, and I is about the geometry of the cosmos. It investigates the aesthetic quality of the sewing thread as a graphic resource, using embroidery to illustrate an original poem about nighttime and its wonders. Using the principles of subtlety and minimalism, three colors of thread merge with silkscreen-printed lines, encouraging you to take a more attentive look at the details, thus revealing their texture and tactile quality. The binding choice—an open accordion book cased in a hardcover—makes it possible to keep the thread ends out of sight, but still not completely hidden, for the process counts here as much as the result itself.  6.2″ x  8.5″ : 19 pages. Edition 60, 2015. $600


Taxonomy of Shapes

by Radha Pandey

Taxonomy of Shapes challenges the reader’s perception of their environment and current systems of scientific classification. The book represents elements from both natural and man-made environments with handdrawn icons. Hand-waxed translucent overlays use geometric cut-outs to organize the items according to circle, square and triangle forms. Taxonomy of Shapes introduces a new system of classification in which we find that a mountain is in the same category as a nose, a slice of pie, and a bunch of grapes. Letterpress printed with hand and die cutting in an accordion format. 4″ x 8″ : 13 pages. Edition of 52, 2015. $400.

book-cover-350pxA 19–2 View

by Libby Scarlett

A 19-2 View depicts the artist’s observations of the fifteen balconies she overlooked from her apartment in the east of Amsterdam. After a request to take a photograph and meet a neighbor went by without a single reply, she made up stories of the inhabitants and their surroundings: the things they might have told her had they accepted her offer. Through modular circles cut into the pages, readers get a glimpse of each balcony, beginning with all fifteen illustrations on the first page. Each subsequent page is dedicated to one balcony and its narrative. Letterpress printed and digitally cut, perfect bound in hard covers. 10” x 10” x 3/8” : 40 pages. Edition 50. 2015. $425


4 3 2 CRY

by Kathy T. Hettinga

4 3 2 CRY exposes the effects of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas upon families, land, air and water in Hettinga’s former home in Northern Colorado. After a 34 year absence, the author returns to the Johnstown Farm, a home she shared with her young husband, who tragically lost his life in a farming accident. The book is a meditation on personal loss as well as a lament for a community transformed by drilling operations and leads to the author’s call to stop hydraulic fracturing in the USA. Digitally printed, bound in hard covers with aluminum compliance sign riveted on cover. 7 5/8” x 7 ¾” : 48 pages. Edition 46, 2014. $650


Channel and Flow

by Sarah McDermott

Channel and Flow documents an attempt to follow a stream on its path through a dense suburban neighborhood. It uses the structure of the book’s page turns and foldouts to represent how the stream has been contained and fragmented by the built environment. Bound in a modified long-stitch format. Letterpress printed and screenprinted with hand-made paper covers. 6″ x 3 5/8″ : 52 pages. Edition 50, 2014. $450