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From Outside In: Heather Kapplow’s “Going”

Aug 03, 2017

On the hillside outside of WSW are over thirty white wooden signs crowded together. The series, hand-printed by Public Art Grant Resident Heather Kapplow in the silkscreen studio, was meant to guide visitors the entire length of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. “I wanted to reach out to people across the span of the trail,… View Article

Glimpses of Green: Tanja Zimmermann in the Studio

Jul 22, 2017

To complement a historic, ghostly photogram of flowers, Studio Workspace Resident Tanja Zimmermann found a thin branch outside of the studios. Unsure of how to translate it into two dimensions, she and studio intern Megan Borseth flattened it with the silkscreen studio’s photocopier. When the twigs stopped crunching and the copier lid was level, the machine… View Article

Social Textures: Alicia Henry in the Studio

Jun 21, 2017

We asked Public Art Grant resident Alicia Henry if she had a favorite section of her mural. She does not, and asked us the same question return. Given the scope of style accomplished in just a few hundred square feet, it’s hard to choose any one part. Do we gravitate toward the tightly stretched lines… View Article

Written on Stone: Rebecca La Marre in the Studio

Jun 09, 2017

WSW: Tell us about your grandmother. RLM: “She was one of the first women to enroll in a university in Canada. She was training to go into business, but when she went to a job fair there were signs everywhere that read ‘women need not apply.’ So she went into the nursing sector and, when… View Article

Almost Intangible: Jen Cole in the Studio

May 29, 2017

“I don’t want to give away the mystery,” says Studio Workspace resident Jen Cole in describing her art. “There is a power in not knowing everything.” Her work is enigmatic, like that of many abstract mark-makers who favor the intaglio press for the loose, drawn possibilities of the plate. Combinations of acrylic, ink, and chine-collé on… View Article

Light, Space, Action: Leah Mackin’s Response

May 12, 2017

In the stacks of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Library, Artist’s Book Grant resident Leah Mackin happened upon the catalog for the 1971 West Coast Minimalist exhibition, Transparency, Reflection, Light, Space. An enclosed interview with Larry Bell caught her attention; Bell’s answers held spaces where vowels should have been and there was no context— nothing but a short… View Article

The Clouded Underground: Mei-ling Hom’s “Multiversity Garden”

Apr 27, 2017

Every year, modern science discovers a little more about networks of communication between plants. Airborne signals or through the soil, the wilderness seems full of unknown languages, the bounds of which are only now being investigated and understood. Nature is sending a more straightforward message along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. Designed by sculptor and… View Article

Into the Ocean with Veronica Graham

Apr 18, 2017

Looking at the swiftly changing human footprint on the American West and, more specifically, her home in the Bay Area, Veronica Graham transcribes her curiosity and concern into her own fictional narrative.  In the silkscreen studio, she printed and bound her newest artist’s book, The Map of Neighboring Bodies, a journey and investigation into territorial… View Article

The Sowing Club: Carrie Dashow in the Studio

Apr 05, 2017

The stylized carrots and bell peppers in Carrie Dashow’s screen prints offer a minimalist addition to the timeless still life genre. Hand-drawn and collaged, finished in Adobe Illustrator, and burned onto silkscreens—instead of the traditional brush and canvas paintings—these prints disregard the decadence and exotic tastes championed by their traditional Dutch and French Baroque counterparts. In… View Article

Nocturnes: Vanessa Adams in the Studio

Mar 17, 2017

There is a beautiful coincidence arising from Art-in-Ed Resident Vanessa Adam‘s papermaking project and screen prints. For an artist who weaves themes of darkness and obscurity into her work, Vanessa seems to be pulling an abundance of luminous moons from the deckle box. By the end of her residency, these abaca-cotton creations will  lose part… View Article