AIE workspace resident Anna Tararova works in the papermaking studio

AIE workspace resident Anna Tararova works on a series of vibrant pulp paintings in the papermaking studio.

Women’s Studio Workshop has been making quality handmade papers since 1979. Our papermaking studios are designed for sheet forming processes, low relief, and three-dimensional work. In 1999, WSW began the ArtFarm program, in which we grow our own fibers specifically for hand papermaking. ArtFarm has now tested over 100 native plants for their fiber strength, coloring capacities, print worthiness, and translucency.

Papermaking studio equipment list

  • 1000 sq. ft. studio space
  • (2) 1-1/2 pound Hollander beaters- 1 David Reina, 1 custom built
  • 30″X 40″ hydraulic press
  • Vats up to 22″x 28″
  • 4′x 6′ custom stainless steel vacuum table
  • Variety of moulds and deckles including small sugetas
  • 4′x 8′ cloth screen for poured sheets
  • Stack dryer (30”x 40”)
  • Outdoor cooking facility for fibers and dyes

Learn more about renting the papermaking studio.